The Blog:

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.”

Picture mythology and madness–seeing worlds in a grain of sand. Aliens, robots, and science on steroids. The genetic themes and ramifications in sci-fi or fantasy and fairy tales. Books, movies, TV shows, pop culture all through the lens of fantasy and sci-fi.

That’s what gods & galaxies are made of.


Lady Behind the Blog:

I like long walks on the beaches of Gallifrey and traveling at warp speed. I passed on the quest for the One Ring because I think the Evenstar is prettier and my closet occasionally takes me to Narnia. In a past life, I was a brilliant scientist living in a town of geniuses and married to Tony Stark’s cousin. My idea of a Dollhouse is one where everyone’s dreams come true, and I’m not necessarily talking about little girls. I’ve been known to fly occasionally and my middle name is Mother of Dragons.

By day, I teach bilingual education in Spanish to dozens of bright young things and by night, I’m furiously attempting to complete my Master’s and write more short stories.

Join me as I venture into time and space, navigating among broken planets and fairy dust.


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