Why I Stop Watching Supernatural After Season 5


TV shows should have an end. Unless it’s a soap opera and you know you’re getting into a never-ending wormhole of betrayals, affairs, long lost children, multiple grandparents, and adoptions. The only other option is the TV shows that ended too soon (I’m looking at you, Pushing Daisies).

Somewhere in the distance there should be a definitive end that allows its viewers to sigh in relief, say it was a good show, and move on with their lives. Except some shows are heartless. They start well and end up dragging the viewer through emotional turmoil, asinine plots, and leave them out in the wilderness with no promise of return.

Supernatural has done this to me. Don’t get me wrong—up to Season 5 the show is brilliant and it should have ended after the brothers reconciled with their father, beat the devil, and they both were on the path to living happy lives. It was almost the perfect ending. It seemed as though after the boys finally came out from under their father’s shadow, they didn’t know how to form a new identity and stuck to the identity of hunters. The writers tried to explore identities with Dean’s relationships with Lisa and Ben and the possibility that Dean might be a father. At the beginning of the show, Sam was fresh out of college but he could never break out of the mold of being Dean’s little brother and a hunter, which is what he was running away from to begin with.

After Season 5 (or to be fair until Season 8 when I stopped watching), the show is underwhelming and mish-mash of plot complicates the forward action and makes absolutely no sense. You can’t put an apocalypse on top of an apocalypse because it negates the urgency of the new apocalypse.

I’ll actually give it Season 6 because Mark Sheppard as Crowley is fantastic and the purgatory plot wasn’t completely awful. Bobby Singer is still with the guys and the chemistry with Castiel is awesome. The Leviathans afterward is what let the demons out of the coffins and the method used to kill them “bibbing”. Apparently what you’d do to a baby only they resist the urge to eat themselves….

I won’t say that I would never watch horror, but I am a complete chicken. The chicken that scatters at the first sign of danger is me. Supernatural is probably my limit and even then I couldn’t watch some episodes at night by myself.

This is when living alone gets dangerous and you start thinking that you’re not safe in your own house, staring at the shadows passing over the walls, the tiny green, red, or blue lights from your phone, laptop, or DVD players start toying with your mind. My vivid imagination had me seeing things everywhere. The wrinkles in my sheets became snakes, shadows in the dark turned corporeal of their own free will.

When my sister was watching Dean wake up as a demon, didn’t warn me and turned her laptop around, I almost flipped out and killed her from shock. I have absolutely no tolerance for things that go bump in the night, but the show was that good that I continued watching—enthusiastically, then sadly up to Season 8.

The show asks us to consider two unlikely heroes who are basically con-artists. They fight evil, but they’re not so cut and dried themselves. That is one part of what makes the show great—Sam and Dean are real people with supremely messed up lives. Although sometimes the show tends to treat Sam as the boy who lived, generally it pulled me in every week with the brothers.

It also helps when the writing is top-notch and clever. But even Dean’s epic one-liners couldn’t keep me watching after Season 7. I do hope that it ends well, for people who are still watching. But as for me and my house, we shall be content to pop in the DVDs until Season 5 and let the good times roll.


4 comments on “Why I Stop Watching Supernatural After Season 5

    • Once you bring in the devil and the end of days, everything after that just seems like grasping for straws 🙂 Glad to know you ended up trimming some TV dead weight and thanks for stopping by!

  1. 100% agreement here! I started binging Supernatural on Netflix last month and just finished season 5 last night. “Swan Song” was unquestionably a perfect ending for this show, and had they left it that way, I would rank it among greatest finales in TV history. I have chosen to wipe the very final scene from my memory, and I have zero desire to watch any of remaining seasons. As far as I’m concerned, Supernatural was over when Chuck literally typed “The End” , said his last couple lines, and disappeared.

    • Yes that ending (and everything that came after) completely butchered Chuck’s message. Although I think seeing Dean acknowledge that is he ok gives more closure, Chuck already wrapped things up rather neatly. Thanks for your thoughts!

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