The Colorful Aliens of Zoe Saldana

My creative neurons froze up as the season of sickness and allergies assaulted my senses this past week with a deadly force. So apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Also, these words are (supposedly and hopefully) one year wiser than the words in the previous year.

But anyway, to business.

Netflix, o how I love thee, for bringing StarTrek Into Darkness and finally the new series of Sherlock into my life this week. It’s been ages. And while I enjoyed both (Sherlock Series 3 was delightful and waiting a year for Series 4 will be torture) we are not going to talk about StarTrek Into Darkness, even though the binding factor between these two is the awesomeness that is Benedict Cumberbatch.

No, this is about Zoe Saldana–and how many aliens she’ll need to play before we’re serious about her fantasy movie career. Let’s go down her colorful memory lane, back and then into the future….


First, there was Neytiri of the Na’vi in Avatar. I wasn’t as in love with her as the main character, but that is beside the point. That blue paint is on point. Even though the movie was basically Pocahontas with blue aliens instead of Native Americans, it was a one-time watch for me. Visually stunning, plot-empty awful.



Uhura. Color me purist, but I believe the subtext romance from Capt. Kirk and Uhura having the first onscreen interracial kiss should have been a go for these movies, but the masses patently wanted to have their alien and smooch him too. Originally, yes, it was supposed to be Uhura and Spock, but J.J. Abrams had to flip the Enterprise and shake it down from top to bottom. I would have appreciated the romance more if Uhura was involved in a major plot-point besides being able to read the Klingon transmission and she seemed a little clingy. But when you put human emotion next to half-Vulcan repressed emotions, clingy is probably an understatement. Thankfully, in the second movie Uhura gets to be way more epic.



Photo Credit: Marvel

Guardians of the Galaxy. Zoe Saldana is playing Gamora, a green alien who is trained by Thanos to be his personal assassin. I am to excited for this to come out on August first, and to see Karen Gillan from Doctor Who as a villain in it. Saldana has signed on for sequels for Avatar, Star Trek, and I wouldn’t put it past her for Guardians of the Galaxy, so we can expect to see a lot more blue and green.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing Zoe Saldana as these various aliens and I really hope she takes off like a supernova with Gamora in August.




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