5 Reasons Bill Nye is Actually From Eureka


The new Dancing with the Stars dancers were announced this week, and I wasn’t overly impressed with any of them except for Billy Dee Williams (better known as Lando Calrissian from Star Wars) and the Olympic ice-skating gold medalists Meryl and Charlie (who are going to sweep first and second).

But the announcement took me back to Season 17 when Bill Nye the Science Guy was on DWTS.

It was like my childhood had come back full force and was giving me a precious gift. Unfortunately, Nye was eliminated in the third week of competition, but that didn’t stop my foray into memory lane. I was pretty convinced that my high school chemistry teacher was his clone, due to the innovative manner he tried to teach us and the number of things he blew up. Nye’s cool factor knows no bounds which is why he is the perfect balance of geeky and fun to be an  an honorary (or actual) resident of Eureka.

1. He’s no Nobel Prize winner but being awarded Humanist of the Year in 2010 is nothing to be sneezed at.

2. He won a Steve Martin look-a-like contest on a local level and we have a bit of that on Eureka. I’m not saying that Nathan Stark looks like Tony Stark, even though they’re supposed to be brothers, but it’s pretty close. You choose.


And speaking of look-a-likes, he could be Sheriff Carter’s older brother, uncle, or dad.

carter seriousnyeserious

3. Not only did he support Pluto being declassified from planet to dwarf planet, he also applied to be an astronaut with NASA every few years, but was denied.

But don’t cry for him Argentina, because he’s the CEO of The Planetary Society, which puts together parents, teachers, kids, scientists, engineers, and space geeks to answer questions about our universe (where can I sign up?).

The connection to Eureka is a running plotline about the scientists in Eureka visiting Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. What actually happened is that on the day of the launch, one of the members of the town kidnapped everyone on the ship and they never made it to Titan, although everyone from the town thought they had made it and died because they were missing for four years.

4. He is Nathan Stark brilliant and holds a few scientific patents, one for the ballet pointe shoe, the digital abacus, and the educational lens.

5. He combines the craziness of Henry–explosions, dancing around, an all -around funny guy–with the intelligence of Eureka’s best scientists and the wackiness of Sheriff Carter.

Exhibit A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66kuhJkQCVM

Exhibit B: http://www.buzzfeed.com/aestheticoctopus/the-11-best-bill-nye-the-science-guy-music-videos-u4o

All in all, I have to thank Bill Nye for getting me interested in science and making it a fun and exciting subject. Although I have to admit, I’m still not seeing the resemblance below between Steve Martin and him, do you?

steve martinbill nye young


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