Pluto Trying To Buy Its Way Back To Big Boy Planet Status

I couldn’t resist this – it was too funny and exactly why I have a gripe with Pluto’s non planet status.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

plutoThe Milky Way Galaxy’s Annual Meetings are underway, Modern Philosophers, and the big talk this year is about Pluto’s attempt to get itself reinstated as a planet.

My sources tell me that The Original Eight, as the remaining planets like to call themselves, are giving Pluto’s request serious consideration.

If you recall, Pluto was demoted from Planetary status in 2006.  It is now classified as a “Space Orb Formerly Known As A Planet”.  Quite a mouthful, right?

So what might get the cool kids to change their minds and let the squirt rejoin the gang?

“Money and lots of it,” Councilor R’ao’jai Na, a Galactic Ambassador and my guide to the annual meeting, explained.  “Times are tough all across the galaxy, and the other eight planets are hurting for an infusion of income.  Pluto basically walked into the room, threw a suitcase of cash down on the conference table, and…

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