Encouragement from Nikki Giovanni


Nikki Giovanni is one of my poetry heroines, so when I received a letter in answer to mine and the poem I sent her, I almost jumped over the moon (or at least over my house). I didn’t know if I’d hear anything because she is so busy with teaching at Virginia Tech.  I thought that I would share it because it is so encouraging. I love what she wrote at the end and really take it to heart because there is no reason why any person shouldn’t reach for their dreams.

~I really like Pointless. I think it’s a good idea well executed. I like the progress of tree to carpal tunnel–the beginning to the pain. Thank you for sharing it with me. Why not submit it (and others) for publication in local and even national magazines? All they can say is “no”. Why not try?


Nikki Giovanni~

The fact is, everyone has a big dream or goal to accomplish that is as Herculean as climbing Mt. Everest. As long as an honest effort is put in, there is no reason a bridge to the stars can’t be formed. Thank you, Nikki Giovanni, for reminding me of that.


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